2020 Election Saga; Supreme Court Orders Mahama to file His witness statements or have his case thrown out.


When the case started, Mahama’s lead councel Tsatsu Tsikata was not in court at the time of the hearing by court. Thereby, Lawyer Lithur stepped into the shoes of Tsatsu Tsikata.

Lithur explained to the court that he has not filed the witness statement for few reasons because his attempt to serve interrogatories on the EC would have an impact on the kind of witness statement they( NDC ) would file. Lithur’s statement infuriated the justices on board.

The Justices were expecting the witness statement from John Mahama on 21 January but Mahama’s team on unreasonable excuses refused to present to the court what is due to.

Election Petition: Fireworks over Mahama’s witness statement

Mahama’s team has refused to obey the orders of the court meanwhile, he wants his case to be heard by the court.

After returning from recession, the Supreme Court ordered John Mahama and his legal team to file a witness statement for the last time before Wednesday 27 January or have his case dismissed.

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