3 things that might be damaging your lungs that you’re oblivious of


This world is a place where there are many people living or suffering with different diseases. Some people do spend huge amounts of money in treating themselves while some also spend huge amount of money in maintaining a particular sickness from becoming too severe or deadly.

However, today I want us to talk about some foods that when taken in excess are capable of harming your lungs.

And they are as follows

1. Excessive salt in-take

Excess intake of salts causes the body to retain more fluids and therefore further strains the heart to pump it throughout the body and when this happens, it can lead to swelling of the legs and abdomens and worsening shortness of breath.

2. Avoid taking excessive amounts of fried foods

It is good to avoid too much intake of fried foods as much as possible because immoderate fried ingesting will over time, result in weight gain which will increase the lungs’ stress.

3. Avoid Taking Excessive amount of alcohol.

The excessive intake of alcohol is very bad for both old and young because the intocyeffects of alcohol can lead to inflammation of the Lungs, impair an individuals gag and cough reflexes thereby increasing the risk for pneumonia.


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