4 European Clubs chasing Frank Lampard.


The youngest English club Manager, Frank Lampard is in next move as his present club Chelsea is not meeting up expectations with his performance as the  club’s manager.

Despite his inability to breakthrough winning task this season, Lampard has had secret talks with various strong clubs in the E P L.

Borrusia Dortmund exhibited interest in employing Lampard incase move from Chelsea succeed.

Abramovich Finds Chelsea’s Next Coach

Valencia, the Spanish club is willing to work with Lampard but he has not receive or been given any official letter yet.

Fulham is likely to employ Frank Lampard into their camp after the club manager’s unimpressive performance.Fulham has not been able to get wins for the past (8) eight  games in the European Premier League (EPL) Fulham with all the amount of experience players has not been able to match up their results with their performance and tries to find replacement for their Manager.

AS Saint Etienne is a club without much reputations and needs a trainer and a manager to fix up things in order immediately . Their performance on this season is below average and have had no wins in their last five games.

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