5 Easy Steps To Prevent RAZOR BUMPS.


Large percentage of men suffered from razor bumps at one point or the other.This condition occur when shaved hair follicles tend to curb back and re-enter the facial skin.

This condition causes discomfort in the beard and neck area and can affect black men for years.
In society that prizes clean shaven appearances, keeping skin smooth and fresh is an option.

Follow these simple tips to prevent razor bumps.
  1. Use new blades always and discard them after use. A dull blade forces the user to go over the same area of skin again and again increasing the chances of growing razor bumps.

2. Resist the habit of plucking facial hairs when growing.

3.Always shave in the direction of hair growth. Shaving in the hair direction reduces irritation.

4. Soften hair before shaving by applying warm water into the beard area.
Allow the water to drain for a minute before shaving.

5. Most importantly,take your time when shaving. At least five minutes of your time must be dedicated to special cleaning service of your own body.

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