5 main Reasons Why Most Celebrity Marriages Fail – A famous actor reveals.


Most Celebrity marriages are on the rocks attributed to a considerable number of reasons. Money cannot buy you love is a fact that must not be overemphasized. Two captains cannot control a single ship.

Just like two wise men cannot live peacefully together. Marriage is a combination of two individuals(opposite sex) who have come together to procreate and raise a family.
A wedded marriage is definitely going to fall apart if any of these factors exist before you tie the knot.

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If you’re both- high profile, you are going to be constantly fighting for the limelight. And at the end, one of the two partners is going to ride for a backseat for a while.


Money is the root of most problems in marriages so why would celebrities be any different. In the process of getting famous,  you are putting your marriage at stake.

Stop selling your pictures for money, cut off TV shows, stop putting your relationships on blast via Twitter and Facebook. If your wedding plan starts to resemble like a board meeting, you’re already in trouble.



The most successful relationships are the ones where the other partner takes time off work to ensure that they are always together. Your relationship should be your number one priority, not your career.


Every actor or actress is insecure about something. That is why most Celebrity marriages fail and constantly be taken to divorce court.




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