5 secret code of a good man every lady should know


Ladies…! Love should not be the only reason you ought to be in a relationship. Being in a relationship takes a large part of our life we can’t ignore. It involves our time, money, energy, emotions, our bodies, and even more…

Where are 5 basic signs to consider in a man before getting into a relationship?

  1. A good man will know your worth;

You don’t have to prove to him how important or valuable you are, a good man will always appreciates and value you in spite of everything.


  1. A good man doesn’t consider your looks:

In as much as looking good is important, a good man doesn’t care about your looks most importantly, your physical appearance.  A good man will never talk about your physical looks in a way that is degrading.


  1. A good man will never invade your privacy:

If you are in a relationship where your man spies on you by going through your messages and other private accounts…. walk out!. Although there shouldn’t be any secrets in a relationship, a man who goes through your messages, mails and other accounts only shows he’s insecure and probably doesn’t trust you.

Guess what? Relationships cannot be built without trust.

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  1. A good man will never let you feel you are an option:

You partner should always make you his priority and feel loved at all times. You should be his plans and always seek for your opinion when making important decision in his life.


  1. He will never disrespect you:

A good respects you and everyone around him regardless of his position or status. His respect for you will never make him abuse you in anyway. He considers you a part of him which he needs to cherish.


Consider these signs and have a great relationship……

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