9 Top Places To Holiday In Ghana

9 top holiday places in Ghana

Holidaymakers and tourists all around the world always pick a date or time in their busy schedule to visit places they love or wan to visit. In this article we are going to look at the 9 top places to holiday in Ghana and plan your next vacation with no stress.

1. Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park
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Ghana is a biodiverse place that has some unique classifications of plants and animals and certainly one of the most beautiful regions in Ghana. Kakum national park is a place that one needs to go visit if in Ghana or take the family for a holiday. It is stretched over an extensive part of southern Ghana. One can see buffalos, meerkats, civets, elephants, and several types of birds when they are at this Kakun park. The Canopy Walkway is a key part of the national park and gets a lot of tourists visiting year in and out. People should definitely take guided tours to have a complete idea of the place.

2. Mole National Park

Another amazing park that needs no introduction is Mole national park in the northwestern part of Ghana. Mole is the largest wildlife park in Ghana. Tourists and people on holiday can see several different types of animals including roan antelope, buffalo, elephants, hyenas, leopards, etc. They may also spot lions from time to time. The park is home to over 250 classifications of birds which is great for bird lovers. If you can, try to visit the park during the dry season which lasts from January to March to catch most of the animals as they come to drink water. For every reason, it is counted amongst the best places to visit in Ghana.

3. Kumasi

Kumasi was the city that was the former capital of Ghana during the existence of the Ashanti kingdom and it is also the second-largest city in the country. Buzzing with people and emerging markets, Kumasi is a delight to most tourists and Ghanaians. The place is famous for its gold, kente cloth as well as wooden stools. So, people who love to shop will enjoy this place because of the different locations and shops of craft present in the city. The Manhiya Palace Museum is a good place to visit if someone wants to know the history of the Ashanti Kingdom.

5. Busua Beach

Ghana is a country that is very close to the ocean. Busua is a very beautiful beach where tourists and holidaymakers can sunbathe and eat freshly cooked lobster. It is also a place where people can learn surfing and indulge in exciting ocean activities. The place is also known for the several affluent resorts that are situated very close to the beach. You won’t lack excitement if you choose Busua beach as the holiday destination of Ghana. Definitely try out the local cuisine from the nearby restaurants and also from the vendors present beside the beach.

5. St. George’s Castle

Whenever you are close to an ocean, fishing is one activity that comes to mind when you want to relax. Just like that Elmina in Ghana is a fishing town which has the historical St. George’s Castle. It is one of the very few historical places in Ghana that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Elmina. The castle has whitewashed walls and it was built in 1482 by the Portuguese. It has a gloomy history because of its association to the slave trade and they were housed in the dungeons that visitors can still see today. While visiting the castle one should also explore the picturesque town and talk to some guides who will explain them the actual history of the place.

6. Nzulezu Ghana

This is one of the most unique and beautiful places to visit this holiday. The name means ‘surface of the water’ in English. The houses are built over a lagoon and all of the houses are placed on stilts. This is a place that people should visit to experience the innovation of the village people and their livelihood. Holidaymakers and tourists can now have quality time in the hotels sitting on top of the lagoon. Tourists can enjoy swimming, diving, boating, etc. in this place with beautiful serenity. Apart from the water and the houses tourists can often spot crocodiles and monkeys while at this place.

7. Lake Volta

This is the largest man-made lake that is present in this world. The location is really beautiful and a must-visit when someone visits Ghana. It also covers 3.6% of the land present in Ghana. While visiting the place one can visit the Dodi Island. People have the option to fish in some parts of the lake or actually go on a trip to the dam. Exotic and affluent hotels have been constructed nearby the lake to house the tourists and holiday makers who are interested in spending quality time by the natural recluse.

8. Kokrobite Beach

This place is yet another beach that will catch your attention when you are in Ghana. The place is just 30 KM away from Accra so people can actually walk the journey. The Academy of African Music and Art present in this location pulls in a lot of people who are interested in the creative side of human lives. One can book for the resorts which provide a beautiful view of the beach. Or else they can also visit it for a day trip where they enjoy the beautiful sunny beach. The ‘Homowo’ festival held in the month of May is also a popular time when tourists flock to this beach destination.

9. Paga Crocodile Pond

Most of us do not know much about crocodiles as they either scare us or we do not want to meet them. But this sanctuary is made for hosting the crocodiles and the enthusiasts can see many of them over here. The crocodiles residing over here are actually very friendly towards the humans. Tourists and holidaymakers can feed the crocodiles and get up-close-and-personal with them. This place respects and honors their crocodiles and is a crime hunting any of them. Guides are always present to help tourists who fear crocodiles.

What Do you Think, which of these locations are you going for your next holiday.

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