A Letter To My Wife On Our Wedding Anniversary




Dear Blandina aka Daavi Delicious,

This is your Ayigbe/Edina lover, Efo Wise writing you this love letter from House Number, Block 56,W.T. Let me recount how I met you.

I met you 16 years ago when you were in your 2nd year at the 37 Military Nursing Training College (NTC).

Our meeting koraa was funny because of the question I asked you when you were standing there. I was just being silly. It was never my intention to make a move on you but thanks to Matthew Abutiate who urged me on to approach you and the same person who also brought me to the venue where I met you.

I appreciate and thank him very much and will never forget his contributions.

Well, we became friends alright after many rejections when you told me you weren’t ready for a relationship but after 3 years of being “friends”, I asked for your hand in marriage and you accepted my marriage proposal.

The proposal sef na ibi the African man’s style with no kneeling down. I remember saying this to you as my form of proposal: “CAN YOU PICK AN APPROPRIATE DATE SO WE GET MARRIED?”

You smiled at me and told me you have heard and that you will get back to me with a date. That was your way of saying, “YES!”.

Upon all your paahpaah and moff moff, you wanted me too. It has been exactly 13 years since you said “I DO”.

Today, just like every 9th of February, I publicly celebrate our union. It has not been easy. You have your temper and swings and I have my attitude but we have never given up on this marriage.

You have been loving, understanding, sweet, spontaneous, surprising, mad, angry, etc. but my craziness, madness, naughtiness&bad boyism behaviour has not made you thrown in the towel.

There is more room for improvement so please have patient for me because I’m still work in progress. One day, I will be a finished product.

I can say many things but time and space will not permit me to do that now.

You have given me Jennel, Jorgsther, Janaia and Jaida. Thank you for these four adorable girls and thank you for putting up with my nonsense.

It is the duty of every husband or wife to help the spouse attain the highest level they can go in their professional field.

That was why I was very ready and willing to let you move to Accra to specialise in your chosen field. It has always been my pleasure to do all that I am doing with the kids, so you can achieve your aim.

I know that whatever you achieve in life, a portion will brush on me but in the end, our kids will be the victors.

Doing it alone on my own for almost 3 years has not been easy, but it has been my pleasure. I get tired when I come home with the kids and have to cook for them or try to think of what they will eat but I have never regretted doing it alone so that you can better yourself.

It is all because of what I told myself: “one for all, all for one”.

I have not been a perfect man, but you have accepted me in my state. Over time, we have both matured: less arguments, and less quarrels.

What more can I say? That you are a blessing not only to me, but also to those around you. God bless you, your hustle and my hustle as well.

On this day, I want to wish you a happy 13th Marriage Anniversary (25/04/2021).

May God bless you and keep you safe for me because this journey isn’t a one man’s journey. I can’t do it without you.

Daavi Delicious, today is your day. Enjoy it but the cake no dieee, you chop am long time.

In everything, we should let the Lord and our love lead us.

Akosua Afrakumaa Fordjour, please tell your sister for me that she is, and will always be the Love of my life!

Bye bye!

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