A Plus Fires Members Of Occupy Ghana

A Plus
A Plus

A Plus has set his eyes on members of the civil society organization called Occupy Ghana for remaining quiet in these difficult times.

A Plus believes the reason for their silence is because they are currently enjoying under the NPP government.

The Civil Society Organization was very vibrant in former president Maham’s term, exposing corrupt practices.

Occupy Ghana could be seen everywhere on the street demonstrating to let the people of Ghana know how poor the government of NDC was.

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Since 2017 we have hardly heard a word from Occupy Ghana since Nana Addo took over A-Plus added.

In an interview on TV3 A-Plus revealed that some members of the group are occupying well-paying positions.

Hence they are seeing or hearing no wrong in this administration.

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The social commentator said he sees Ocuppy Ghana as an organization that fought for their stomach and not for Ghanaians.

He quizzed whether the Christian council and National Peace council are still working.

Because they were very active under Former President Mahama’s administration.

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