A Stroll Along The Coast Of Ghana


Tourism as an industry has been traveling with the advancement in recent times with people far and near visiting beautiful sites to learn, have fun, and relax.

                            Sea Shore

Walking the aisle of sites along the coast gets the Breeze from the Sea drawing your attention by wishing heat from the Sun never get to you again, sandy shore and the icy seawater just sweeping you off your feet.

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                    ARCH OF INDEPENDENCE

The Arc of Independence reminds indigenes and foreigners who visit or pass by: The freedom country Ghana attained from colonial rule and how our own affairs are managed without the interference of external factors.





Our stunning fishing and farming Communities with various ethnic groups like the Ga Adamgbes, Ewes, fantes and others from different tribes have their own way of life. The majority of individuals living here are mostly farmers and Fisherfolks



                      FISHING COMMUNITY

We have varieties of traditional food like that of Ga Kenkey with grinded Kpakpo shito and fried fish, Akple with Borbitadi from Eweland, Fante kenkey with fante-Fante and Fufu with Palm or Groundnut soup due to urbanization.





Homowo, Asafotufiam, Aboakyiri, and Hogbetsotso festivals are Popular ancient festivals celebrated within various tribes in present Ghana. Homowo is celebrated by the Ga Damgbe to hoot at Hunger, Asafotufiam to remember the victory for Ada’s in several wars, Hogbetso is to commemorate the escape from king agokoli whereas Aboakyiri by the fante Clan is a rite to sacrifice animals to their gods.


                         HOGBETSOTSO FESTIVAL



                       HOMOWO FESTIVAL

With all these, why not choose your next tourist venue and wander along the coast with or without a tour guard and I bet you would love the serenity of nature and learn the culture to add to yours.

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