A True Story: COVID-19 Took Me To The Theatre Of Torment.


I am a Ghanaian lawyer by profession and a politician, living in Accra with my family. I wish to share my life experience from contracting the dreaded, lethal and deadly disease called COVID-19.

Folks, if you haven’t actually experienced the ravages of this deadly disease, you cannot appreciate magnitude and how much at risk you can be as you go about your daily routine.

So I urge you all to be very careful and follow the safety protocols strictly in order to stay safe during this deadly pandemic.

Now to my story…

Many thanks to all of you who said a prayer for me in one of my most difficult moments when the monster with a “beautiful” name – Covid-19 struck, invaded and ravaged my body.

The last three weeks has been very challenging.

The events within the period is better experienced than described.

Trust me the reality of covid is more terrifying than anything from fiction.

Covid-19 took me and held me a prisoner and made of me an unwilling mental traveller.

Covid has a way of making you feel unwanted and abandoned.

It made my days harder and my nights scarier and lonelier than necessary.

It took me through terrifying territories and in the process diminished my courage and willpower.

I was enveloped in mortal and paralyzing fear, fear that could easily beat the brave. But somehow I found that little bubble called Hope.

This bubble gave me reason to hold on and keep hanging on in there.

I had a duty to tell my infamous story – the battle with covid.

Saturday the 13th of March, 2021 was a turning point in my battle/war with covid.

I returned an expected Negative test result.

I was expected to show gratitude and excitement from the cruel arms of this monster. A monster that negotiates with none.

A monster who settles every score on no ones terms.

Every one who came to know my new status expected me to celebrate my new freedom.

The idea of celebrating victory over covid brought mixed feelings of pain and joy.

I simply couldn’t stop thinking of this monster – a decedent at best and a revenant in the main. The fear that it may return was overwhelming.

How could I celebrate my new freedom without hurting the many who lost loved ones to this pirate and never had a chance to say goodbye?

I couldn’t celebrate my freedom because the post victory effect is unpleasant and same rages on like a smoldering bush fire for a long time.

How do I celebrate when my sense of smell and taste took leave of absence without notice to me?

My frail and ravaged body couldn’t support my frame to do a victory lap over this monster.

True Story: My Covid-19 Experience – Naa Koshie

Notwithstanding all my fears and apprehension I still have reason to raise the white flag.

Recalling the many who yielded to the monster’s ominous final call, I knew I had to share my experience with the many who are still determined to follow conspiracy theories instead of the science.

I see myself more now as a frontline duty bearer by initiation, by choice, by inclination and experience to become strong voice against this monster.

I have joined the unrelenting war against this monster with a misleading beautiful name Covid.

I am asking of you to come and join me in this crusade.

On this happy and sad moment in my life all I can say is thank you for being there for me.

Always remember that safety is all about recognizing risk.

You may drink to my health but don’t ruin yours. Remember the monster with a beautiful name is still around with a vengeance.

I am eternally grateful.

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Citizen Atare is a Ghanaian who hails from the Upper East Region. He is an ICT professional working with CERSGIS, a Remote Sensing & GIS Centre, located at the University of Ghana, Legon. Citizen Atare is an amateur freelance writer and blogger for over 20 years, who likes to research into everyday lifestyle issues and situations, politics, and cultural practices to write about to educate and also entertain his readers. He is a highly creative and motivated, highly inquisitive, open minded and to an extent risk-taking with a high visual acumen. He is a dreamer who isn’t afraid to break creative barriers. He is also a passionate aviation, tech and motoring enthusiast with a lot of knowledge to share and a private researcher. He has no formal education or certificate in journalism, but the hunger to know more and do more, backed by an impressive work portfolio is what drives him to write the things he knows best for his numerous online fans. Citizen Atare is married to Margaret and they both live in Accra with their lovely daughter Zoey. His hobbies include reading, listening to very good music; especially jazz, writing, watching action, sci-fi and adventure movies, travel and site seeing and swiming. He likes eating fufu and palm nut soup, but prefers boiled rice and kontomire stew with agushie more.


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