Achimota School Barricades Access Road


The Achimota Cluster of Schools have barricaded one of the access roads that runs through the various campuses.Apart from the main Achimota High School at the center of the dreadlocks boys brouhaha, there are basic schools too.

Sources that this reporter spoke to indicate that, the school authorities had to take the decision to barricade the access road for the safety of the little children.The authorities fear that the school children might get knocked down by motorists who usually divert onto these inner roads to avoid heavy traffic that builds on the Achimota-Legon road.A steel barrier has actually been erected at the Achimota Police Station end of the road.Sources close to this reporter have hinted also at possible reasons for the barrication as, stopping kleptomaniacs and intruders from having free access to the school campuses and bungalows to engage in nefarious activities whilst pupils, students and their teachers are busy in the classroom with academic work.

Since the barrier was mounted barely one and half months ago, many motorists have gotten disappointed as, upon reaching the enclave of the primary school,they find the road blocked.

This development raises pertinent questions about the width of the Achimota Legion link road.The traffic load on this  stretch of road also called the Aggrey Road is increasing by the day.Even so especially during the morning and evening rush hours.A footbridge being built across the road at the Hospital Junction to facilitate easy and safe crossing of the road by pedestrians, mostly students of the Achimota schools and patients visiting the the hospital is welcome news,but then, expanding that road itself is paramount.

The multi million dollar questions that stand firm like the Rock of Gibraltar are; are there plans to expand that road at all? Will the Golf Club readily give up part of the golf course to facilitate the expansion of the road when necessary?

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