Advice: Kwesi Arthur’s Father Advices Son On Tattoos and Piercings


Kwesi Arthur’s father, Mr. Samuel Danso Arthur, has asked that he takes care of any considerations of getting piercings or tattoos.

The dad of one of the most powerful youthful acts in Ghana and Africa referenced in a telephone discussion on Hitz FM that he needs his child to leave an unsullied legacy.

The articulate man who owns a cabby communicated how individuals would bounce into his taxi and talk about his child without realizing he is the father.

Mr. Arthur figured that Kwesi has a large following among the young and he needed the rapper to stay an image of straightforwardness.

He talked about Kwesi’s congested hair and how he needs him to keep it clean and to carry on with a daily existence as opposed to the exhausting reputation and misconduct associated with artistes.

“I need Kwesi to be probably the best craftsman on the planet. I realize Kwesi’s fans love him, yet I love him more than they do. I need him to stay an image of effortlessness”, he said.

Reacting to Kwesi Arthur going topless particularly during exhibitions, Mr. Arthur said that both himself and the mother wish he would wear a shirt consistently.

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