Agric News : The Ghanaian farmer conference 2021 was successful


Joy business in collaboration with the Ghanaian farmer TV show instituted a platform for Ghanaians in the country to express and highlights some of the challenges being faced in the sector.

The Ghanaian farmer conference 2021 was held on Monday 26 April 2021 at Coconut Groove Hotel- Accra.

The conference had a lot of great personalities to express and discuss the issues facing the agricultural sector.

Such individuals represented MOFA, CRIS, GHANA STOCK EXCHANGE, and others.

Farmers asked questions relating to what they face each day in their activities.

What they go through and their plead to the government for support.

The theme of the conference is the role of stakeholders in solving agricultural developing challenges along the value chain, is the theme not relevant?

The Ghanaian farmer also initiated the support the farmer initiative where we support each farmer we visit with an agricultural tool.

You can support this initiative too.

The Ghanaian farmer is aired on Joy Prime TV this and every Monday at 2:30pm


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