Alert: ChyMall/Sarri Mall Is A Ponzi Scheme


The Economic and organized crime Unit of Ghana(EoCo) has issued a warning to people who might be victims or fall victim to the ponzi scheme.


First started as Sarri mall and later changed its name to chymall, its an online scheme where you are required to register with an amount of money, then you get paid a certain interest after 10 days.

They have other benefits like you refer a friend and also you can buy products/shop online with your mobile wallet.

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It is very easy to fall victim to a scheme like this as the promise is huge and the toil for profits not so hard.

Then sarri was changed to chymall because of low patronage and the fact that people had caught up with the tricks they used.

Now EoCo is a press release that has warned Ghanaians to mindful of their dealings with the company.

See The Press Release

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