ALERT:How to identify fake recruitment agencies


This menace has been going on for a while now and fresh graduates seem to fall prey to these job scams.

Here are tips on how to identify a fake recruitment agency

1. Do Background research on the Recruitment Agency using Google, check for their websites and Reviews

2. Confirm their Email is corporate from, not

3. When the Job offer and Salary is just too good to be true, then check again and again

4. Check on LinkedIn to see if the Company has a Presence there, this is a must for an HR firm

5. If they ask you for your banking details or ATM Card details

6. Listen to their conversations, if theuy ain’t professional enough, then you have reasons to re-check

7. When you are required to buy a Skill from them that will Qualify you for the Job

8. When you are Asked to Pay for Agency Fee over the Internet without meeting them in their Office

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