Alhaji Karim Grusah confirms receiving threats after ‘SaveGhanaFootball’ demo

Veteran football administrator and prominent figure in Ghanaian football circles, Alhaji Karim Grusah, has come forward to reveal receiving threatening messages from individuals closely linked to the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

This development follows his active participation in the recent ‘SaveGhanaFootball’ demonstration, held on February 14, 2024, in the capital city of Accra.

Grusah, a notable bankroller for the King Faisal football club, was not only present amidst the crowds during the rally but also engaged with the media, expressing his concerns and advocating for change within the football governing body.

In an interview addressing the threats, Grusah disclosed that he had been targeted by certain individuals who accused him of betrayal for aligning with the ‘SaveGhanaFootball’ demo. The messages, he claimed, contained alarming tones, with the senders questioning his loyalty to the Ghana Football Association.

“Yes it is correct they have sent me threatening messages that they know that i am their father why am I talking plenty on radio now they have seen that I am their enemy,” Grusah told Peace FM as monitored by 

“They also said, ‘Why am I going to a demonstration against Kurt?'” Grusah added

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