All you need to know about “Brown sugar” and “White sugar”


Sugar is a very essential component of every Ghanaian meal especially our breakfast. Some use sugar for their Hausa Koko, porridge, wheat, Oblayo, and your favorite breakfast..yes you.

Here’s an insight to know the difference between our brown sugar and white sugar.

Brown sugar is less refined and contains molasses, which gives it its brown color while white sugar is more refined and does not contain molasses hence its white color.

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In brown sugar, molasses mask the sweetness of the sugar making it slightly less sweet while in white sugar,it has a sweet and clean taste.

In terms of calories,4 grams of brown sugar contains 15 calories while 4grams of white sugar contains 16.3 calories.

The nutrient is all we seek in all we consume. Brown sugar has slightly more minerals compared to white sugar.

So when you make choices on the type of sugar,I hope this short message helps you make informed decisions.

Credit (Staywellnow).

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