Every wholly processed or minimally processed food has a time frame within which it cannot be whole for consumption; safe to eat.

Did you know that there is a difference in best before and expiry date normally seen on products? Let’s delve a bit deeper so that next time you see either of them, it will help you make informed decisions on product use.

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• An EXPIRED product means the food is no longer safe to eat after the set date while BEST BEFORE date means that the food is safe but the quality is no longer as its best after the best before date.

• An EXPIRED food may contain harmful bacteria and unsafe chemicals may be formed in the product after that date while product with a BEST BEFORE date will have a change in the texture and flavor after that date, thus their texture and flavor will not be as good as before.

• Health wise, EXPIRED food may cause food poisoning, resulting in severe health effects while a products after its BEST BEFORE date will have no negative health effect if the food is stored properly.

• After the date, for EXPIRED food please do not cook, freeze or eat products but for products with a BEST BEFORE date can be consumed.

• Other popular names used in place for EXPIRY DATE is USED BY DATE or EXPIRATION DATE.
• Other popular names used in place for BEST BEFORE DATE is BEST BEFORE END.
Stay healthy, eat wisely and read widely.

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