Before accepting relationships proposals, Women may request for COVID-19 test results.



The Communications and Digitization Minister-designate Ursula Owusu has mentioned that a time will come where women will be asking for COVID-19 negative test before they accept to be in relationships with any man.

There are various reports that indicates that men who have been infected with the deadly virus and have recovered have erectile dysfunctioning.
Some men have also testified that it is true the virus causes total impotence.

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Reacting to these stories, the Communications Minister-designate Ursula Owusu has advised that Ghanaian men especially should make it point to put on their masks so as to protect their relationships also.

She made it clear that with the way things are going and the researches which are suggesting that the virus could have an adverse effect on one’s manhood, women may now request for men to prove they have tested negative before they accept to be in a relationship.

“Covid is real ooo people. This latest twist isn’t only a problem for the men but for all of us INTERESTED STAKEHOLDERS!!!! Please mask up and save your relationships.We may demand negative test results before we commit ooo. Push us not and mask up!!! Save your life and that of the stakeholder(s). Guys, take note. A WORD TO THE WISE, “Ursla Owusu stated.

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