Breaking News: NDC Protestors Cry Over Party BigWig Neglect

NDC Supporters Demo 2020

A supporter of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Dukor Mevi is crying foul about the lead of a portion of the party’s bigwigs who are immediate heirs of their protest across the entire country

As indicated by the supporter, whiles the supporters who don’t remain to pick up anything when the protests come to fruition are on the roads contending so energetically to guarantee that the Electoral Commission makes the right decision, some previous deputies who will profit the most should their fights yield results are celebrating.

What irritates the supporter is the way that the protests were additionally being streamed live on Facebook to tell the world that they are glad.

The NDC supporter said “While we were on the roads yesterday getting beatings with a portion of our people shot n others captured, Sedinam Tamakloe coordinated birthday slam. Marrietta and some female nominees were in attendance. The irritating part is Princess law was doing a live video with it. The moronic part is that the individuals who will profit the most are sitting at home getting a charge out of while we are taking a chance with our lives in the city”.


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