Buckingham Palace break-in: Man who broke into Queen’s bedroom while she slept reacts to her death


Buckingham Palace break-in: Man who broke into Queen’s bedroom while she slept reacts to her death

The man who successfully broke into the Queen’s bedroom in 1982 while she slept has reacted to her death in a very special way.

Queen Elizabeth II

That infamous act which took place at Buckingham Palace in 1982 was committed by a man called Michael Fagan.

40 years ago, this man, an out of work painter broke into Buckingham Palace and got into Queen Elizabeth II’s bedroom, waking her up as he pulled back the curtains after climbing through the window.

Buckingham Palace1
Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II’s official residence

Fagan later admitted he was ‘just as shocked as the queen was’ and he just stood there ‘shaking’ as he didn’t know what he should ask. He was totally surprised that he had eventually made it directly into the Queen of England’s bedroom without being noticed by the Palace security.

Fagan said the Queen got out of bed and told him she’d go and get somebody and after a while, a footman (palace guard) arrived and took him for a drink of whiskey to calm down his nerves before the police arrived to have him arrested.

Buckingham Palace

According to Michael Fagan the Queen sleeps sitting up in a four-poster bed. She wears the eye patches, so she couldn’t see who he was.

He sat on her bed. She woke up and said, “Is that you, Philip?” He put on a posh English accent and said, “No it’s me, Michael.” She was terrified and thought he was going to kill her.

The Queen surprised at finding a stranger sitting on her bedside. (scene from The Crown series)

Indeed two nights before that, he’d managed to break into the palace for the first time, admitting that he was able to scale a fence and climb a drainpipe before getting in through an unlocked window.

During his first unauthorised ‘visit’ to Buckingham Palace, Fagan also got the opportunity to sit on the royal thrones, and he even peed onto the corgis food because he couldn’t find a washroom and he wasn’t in a position to ask for directions. He also found the bar and helped himself to some of Charles’ favourite wine.

Famous ever since as the man who broke into the Queen’s bedroom, Fagan, now 74, has given his reaction to the Queen’s death at the age of 96.

Speaking outside his flat in Islington, Fagan said he’d gone to church to light a candle for the Queen and he thought that Charles would make a good King.

“I am quite sad that she has gone. I don’t want to say anything more – just that I hope she rests in peace.

“I have no plans to go to the funeral, but I have been to church to light a candle for her and hopefully it is all behind me.

“I think Charles will do a good job and look after the planet. He will be very good at that. There is also too much division between the rich and poor in society and I think Charles will help heal that” he said.

Since Fagan’s break ins others have tried to do what he has done by getting into Buckingham Palace, but their attempts have been unsuccessful.

Police are a bit more vigilant since they realised that the same guy was able to break into the palace twice and wander around for a while, even making it as far as into the Queen’s bedroom.

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Fagan remains the only person to have successfully broken into Buckingham Palace while the monarch was in residence.

Michael Fagan, the man who sat on the Queen’s bedside while she was asleep

However, in 2013 a 41-year-old man was able to get in after scaling a fence and kicking down a door.

As a result of these attempted breaking into Buckingham Palace, the palace has now become a protected site under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act.

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