Nikki Minaj’s mother takes legal action towards father’s death

minaj and mother

 Nikki Minaj’s mother Carol Maraj,files a $150m legal proceeding against Charles Polevich. He is the alleged killer of Robert Maraj, Nikki Minaj’s father.

About a month ago, Minaj’s dad was hit when he was taking a walk along a road in Mineola, Long Island at 6:15pm on a Friday. The car never stopped, according the Nissau county police. The victim couldn’t survive the accident. Nikki Minaj’s dad  died the next day in the hospital.

The accused was arrested February 17. He was charged for leaving the scene and trying to hide or cover up physical evidence. A lawsuit was filed at Nassau county state supreme court. It presents Polevich as negligent, reckless and careless on that night. And that he left the injured man, helplessly at the scene since he failed to call 911.

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He pleaded innocent and was freed on bail. But was warned not to leave the New York City

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  1. Benjamin Crump, an attorney that works on civil rights and with families of the victims of abuse and violence, gives feedback back on his perception or findings of the accused. He makes a post on Friday on his Instagram page that says,

He was not irresponsible or negligent but more concerned about running away and hiding than seeking help.

Carol Maraj expresses deep content on her estranged husband’s alleged killer’s arrest. And says that his children are also pacified. Nikki Minaj, 38, with the birth name Onika Tanya Maraj, has been silent and made no comments about her father’s death.


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