Fished Washed Ashore

UG researchers reveal what killed fish washed ashore

Researchers at the University of Ghana (UG) have concluded that some dolphins and other species of fish have washed ashore last week due to...

Injunction leveled against Achimota School by brilliant Rastafarian student dismissed

Human Rights Division of the Accra High Court presided over by Justice Gifty Agyei Addo has dismissed an ex-parte injunction application from one of...
Replacing eggs with chinese mackerel in Ghana

Replacing Eggs with Chinese mackerel will collapse poultry business

Replacing eggs with Chinese mackerel for students will collapse poultry business. The President of the Ghana National Association of Poultry Farmers (GNAPF) Victor Oppong...

Achimota School Barricades Access Road

The Achimota Cluster of Schools have barricaded one of the access roads that runs through the various campuses.Apart from the main Achimota High School...

Suicide hits Abura Academy SHS

The School has been hit by a tragic incident caused by a student who committed suicide. The 21-year-old male student Mohammed Kojo Musah, reportedly hanged...

Furniture shortage hit salaga senior high school as students cry for help

The students of Salaga Senior high school are appealing to government and their alma mater for help as shortage of the furniture hits the...
Bank Of Ghana

Bank of Ghana to punish DUD cheque offenders

Bank of Ghana to ban DUD cheques offenders.

Jamaica’s high court ruled a school was legally right in banning a child with...

This story was published in August 4, 2020. is reproducing it in the wake of the current brouhaha about the Achimota Senior High...

Heavy rain makes students got stuck in school.

Many students got stuck on campus due to a heavy rain downpour and it makes students unable to get home on time. Many students got...

Stoneboy questions the harm Rastafarian hairstyles could cause in schools

The prevalent conversation on the admission of students with dreadlocks at the Achimota Senior High School nationally is currently elastic as various...

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