Cattle Compete For Space With’Accraians’


It’s not uncommon to see cattle in the city of Accra and its environs competing with humans for space.Cattle and indeed livestock is supposed to be kept on farmlands at the outskirts of the city, the Accra Plains and appropriate designated places.

The president of the republic and many of his officials have said time without number that they intend to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa.The Greater Accra Regional Minister was in the limelight recently for waging war on indiscipline in the city, especially at Madina where recalcitrant pedestrians had blatantly refused to use the footbridges in crossing the road. A large chunk of the Ghanaian population have criticized the high handedness of the police and city guards in enforcing the laws, by-laws and rules in the area.Others however,have indicated their support for the law enforcers, saying, that was the way to go, as Ghanaians have become too stubborn.

Whereas cities around the world are fast moving from just’modern’status to fast cities status, Accra the capital of Ghana is still grappling with ‘cattle invasion’ of the city of Accra and its environs.In this day and age, it’s not uncommon to come across marauding cattle in the city gardens and even busy highways and streets.Sometimes, these herds of cattle hold motorists at ransome for so many minutes as they literally stand and drop green, smelly dung right in the middle of the road.

Again, sometimes, the herds are without attendants.What lawlessness!

If Accra is going to be a clean city,and if the Greater Accra Regional Minister is going to win the war on indiscipline,then,he must devise an effective way of dealing with cattle owners and keepers in and around the city of Accra.

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