Counselo Adofoli’s Advice To Partners Who Thinking Spending On A Woman Alone Can Keep Them.

Counselor Frank Adofoli

Popular Ghanaian Counselor Frank Adofoli has sent a bit of advice to young people in relationships.

According to the counselor, spending on or taking care of your partner alone can’t sustain a relationship.

The well-known counselor revealed this in a Facebook post sighted by

Counselor Adofoli stated that it is very good to take care of your woman.

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But that isn’t enough to keep the relationship.

He added that time is the one important thing that every relationship needs.

Time cannot be bought and is therefore priceless in every relationship.

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The post he made reads;

“It is good to take care of your partner and spend on them, but that is not enough and that is not what keeps the relationship. Giving them your time does, for that it is one thing which cannot be bought.
When you learn how to spend time with your partner, you won’t worry about anyone taking them away from you, because you have their attention and heart. They carry you with them wherever they go. You are in their thoughts. They play back memories they have with you when you are away.
A relationship becomes beautiful when partners can talk like best friends, play like children, protect each other like siblings and love each other like husband and wife”

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