Countries that speak Twi apart from Ghana



Almost every Ghanaian will agree to the fact that Twi is the most spoken local language in the country.

It is the most popular language in Ghana with a lot of people preferring it to other languages and with about two third of the country’s population speaking it either as a mother tongue or a learnt language.

There are a lot of occasions in which Twi is used as an official language to honor guest and to set the occasion going.

Without much Ado let us get to know these few countries who speak apart from Ghana where it is originally from.

1.  Ivory coast – During the transatlantic slave trade, a lot of ashantis we’re taking as slaves and were moved to the Ivory Coast to be sold to French masters.

After independence most of them were freed and thought it wise to just remain and form a sub local tribe group of the Ashantis in the Ivory Coast.

2. Jamaica
.Jamaica is a black dominated western country which has most of its citizens as descendants of historical slaves.

3. Benin

Benin is among the  countries which has a few Twi speaking citizens among it’s citizens.

A lot of forefathers who traveled around the african country in search of greener pastures and to escape wars settled in northern parts of Benin.

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