Covid-19: cases at Akosombo International schools increases

Covid-19: cases at Akosombo International schools increases

The second wave of the coronavirus is spreading faster and more deadly…

It was reported earlier this week that some 29 students and staff of the Akosombo International School (AIS) have tested Positive for covid-19. However, the cases have increased from 29 to 44.

This was after the management of the school conducted mass testing for students, teaching and non-teaching staff in the school.


According to star news, the infected students and teachers have been quarantined in a hotel at Akosombo for the management of their cases.

Meanwhile, a student from a Senior High School at Akyem Oda in the Eastern Region has tested positive for Covid-19

Currently, the Eastern Region has 174 active cases of Covid-19. This was confirmed by Eastern Regional Health Director, Dr. Winfred Ofosu

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  • Schools should be closed down again

    • They aren’t ready to close down to
      The private schools are concerned about the money than the safety of the kids itself

  • I also think schools should be locked down

  • It will be very helpful if Schools are closed again but are students are also not learning. This pandemic has really caused a great mess

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