Covid-19: Christ Embassy Church in possible breach of safety protocols


The Ghana branch of the Christ Embassy church may possibly be in trouble soon with the law for breach of Covid-19 protocols and restrictions for organising a massive open conference last Friday night.

The Church, whose founder is the renowned Nigerian Pastor, Chris Oyakhilome organised a massive gathering of Church faithfuls in the Dome conference hall in Accra.

The miracle worshipers enjoyed their night in an ecstatic mood, singing and praising their maker through unguarded physical interactions.

However, when pictures of the event floated on Facebook, it depicted a lawless atmosphere to the viewer as far as the Covid-19 protocols are concerned.

Evidence from the pictures show members of the Church standing physically close to each other. There were no visible signs of people in nose masks while singing and dancing.

The venue itself is an enclosed space with very little ventilation; a giant air-conditioned tent that could hold up to a thousand or more people. This is absolutely unacceptable considering the numbers who were gathered at the place in such an enclosed space on Friday night.

The convening of such a large multitude of people gathered at one place for over 2 hours as stipulated, and also during a period when the country is trying its best to contain the coronavirus pandemic goes contrary to the instituted measures against the deadly Covid-19 disease.

This event has therefore gotten lots of concerned Ghanaians worried and questioning the propriety of the event, which was obviously organised by men and women who should know better about strict adherence to the Covid-19 protocols.

The worry expressed by many is that, the deadly Covid-19 pandemic is not over yet as pictures coming from India currently show how serious the situation is over there with the impact of the ravaging virus on the people.

The disease is now causing more havoc in India as a result of the people’s disregard for the safety protocols.

The same can be said about the Christ Embassy church’s activity last Friday night.

According to reliable sources reaching the editorial desk of, the worry is gradually turning into a protest and a call for the authorities to look for leaders of the church and let the law take it’s cause for breach of the Covid-19 restrictions on large gatherings.

Concerned citizens are therefore calling for the church to be severely sanctioned for breaching the Covid-19 restrictions to hold a massive youth conference at such a time during a pandemic.

Some questions being asked are that; where are the authorities responsible for holding the conference in the first place and who authorised or approved the event to take place?

It will be recalled that in January this year the Christ Embassy church TV network based in the UK was fined by Ofcom an amount of £125,000 after it breached the rules by airing “inaccurate and potentially harmful claims about coronavirus”.

Loveworld Television Network (LTN) belonging to the TV evangelist and pastor was found to have made the violation back in January after a 29-hour show titled The Global Day of Prayer featured sermons with “potentially harmful” claims about Covid-19 – including that the virus was “planned” and created by the “deep state”, and vaccines were a “sinister” means of administering “nanochips” to control people all over the world. A sign of the End Times, according to the renowned TV evangelist.

Bottom line: Something drastic has to be done about this Covid-19 breach and the perpetrators brought to book.

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