COVID-19 infected MPs Should be opened about their experiences.



The Member of Parliament for North Tongu, has mentioned that he is hopeful that there would be a time where politicians and public officials will feel free and be opened about their experience with Covid.

According to him, it will be of help if public officials and politicians are able to speak about their experiences.

He believes that it will assist fight the various misconception circulating about the disease including the public perception that the disease is a hoax.

On his Facebook page while commending the Speaker of Parliament for publishing the number of MPs and Parliament workers who have tested positive for the deadly virus.

Rt. Hon. Speaker Alban Bagbin deserves commendation for the leadership he has exhibited in fighting COVID-19 within the precincts of Parliament since assuming office.

As I said on the floor today, his courage and transparency in putting out the numbers of MPs and staff infected will go a long way to address the challenge with stigma. Cracking the whip on personal responsibility and obligations to self-isolate is another positive step.

His decision to reduce the number of meetings of the plenary and to pursue for testing all the household and other contacts of those infected is another refreshing development.

Hoping we shall soon get to the next level where as in other jurisdictions, Ghanaian politicians and other notable public personalities will be more open about their personal experiences with the corona.

Let us all in our little corners show greater responsibility, courage, respect for data and may we put the safety of the public ahead of other selfish considerations.We shall win this battle together. Please stay safe.

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  1. I agree with the honourable paaa. Some people are still very sceptical about the existence of the disease. We need our leaders to come out so people will begin to know that the disease is indeed real.


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