COVID-19: People who have taken the Covid-19 vaccine have this in their body.


In this article, I’m going to open your eyes to one pertinent thing that would be found inside your body the very moment you take the covid-19 vaccine. This may sound weird, but getting to know it will help you have a reason to be confident about the vaccination exercise you have undertaken or about taking.

There are many vaccines we have been exposed to since the start of life. They have played an important role in the life of the human. Had it not been for the introduction of vaccines, the human race would have been entangled with numerous diseases, both mild and severe.

Here comes a new vaccine purported to fight against the deadly pandemic, covid-19. The vaccination process has commenced but the majority seem to lack adequate knowledge about the vaccine.

Besides the scarce information about the side effects of this vaccine, the greater part of the public doesn’t know how the coronavirus vaccine works.

As a result, many have expressed unwillingness to be vaccinated against the deadly pandemic. The mechanism of action of this vaccine isn’t the subject for today but it will be detailed in a subsequent article so still be in touch.

I must say that the decision to take the coronavirus vaccine or not lies with every individual. Whichever side you pick may have a profound effect on your health. As we already know, the novel coronavirus is the causative agent of covid-19. This virus when contacted manoeuver its way to your respiratory tract and lodges in the lungs.

People who have been given the shot of the vaccine have got something special in their body. Although to them, it is a mere vaccine that may either pose side effects or not. However, it is something more than that.

The moment you take the vaccine, you have introduced another form of the Coronavirus into your body. Don’t be scared. It is safe. I will elaborate.

The form of Coronavirus I’m talking about is a dead one. It is inactive and can’t pose any danger to you. The point I am making is, the vaccine you are about taking or have already taken is a dead form of the novel coronavirus. Unlike the live one that can cause covid-19, the dead form of this virus can’t cause the deadly pandemic.

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Why is a dead form of coronavirus injected into your body in the name of a vaccine? The answer is very simple. It is to initiate immunity. Immunity is when your body develops antibodies to fight against the disease. So in the course of the vaccination, a dead form of the coronavirus is injected into your body to initiate immunity. Here, your immune system prepares enough antibodies geared towards battling any live or active coronavirus that enters your body.

Obviously, that is how all vaccines work. For instance, Bacillus Calmette–Guérin (BCG) vaccine is a vaccine primarily used against tuberculosis. While you received this vaccine, a dead form of the causative agent of tuberculosis known as mycobacterium tuberculosis was injected into your body. It is during this process that the body develops immunity to tuberculosis. So in an actual sense, you can’t contract tuberculosis because your body has enough antibodies purported to fight against mycobacterium tuberculosis should it enter the body. This is the same phenomenon so far as the Coronavirus vaccine is concerned.

Be confident to get vaccinated so that your body can be immune to the virus. Thank you for reading this article.

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This article was written by Agyemang Seth Darko, a Certified Nurse, based on his knowledge about vaccines and vaccinations.

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