Crazy Love: Young Man Still Wants To Marry Girlfriend Who Cheated On Him


A young Ghanaian man who was badly disappointed by his girlfriend has said he still is going to go on with the plans for their wedding.

The guy said his girlfriend cheated when they were still courting.

Explaining what happened, the young man said the nature of his job requires that he travel frequently, and once when he traveled outside only to return to see his girlfriend in bed with another man.

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“What hurt me most was when I asked the guy how he was related to my girlfriend and he also said she was his girlfriend. At that point, I wanted to kill them both,” the energitic young man explained.

“I slapped her out of anger but afterward she apologized and we agreed to live together while we organize ourselves to get married,” he said.

Explaining further, the hardworking gentleman said, he still has a love for his girlfriend, but it will be extremely difficult for him to forgive and forget what the lady has done, but he would still move ahead with the plans for the wedding.

Do you think this guy is going to have a peaceful marriage life ?.

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  1. Well, this guy has to be very careful and re think about his decision. He even mentioned that he can’t forget what the lady did so trust kraa is going to be difficult. He should make sure she really change her ways before marrying her. Once a cheat always a cheat.


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