Dark side of engagement/wedding ring exposed.


He who finds a woman ,finds a better thing. Every  woman deserves to be married and loved as a wife of an innocent man I’m a way tradition reqiures.

But not all women are ready to accept an average level gentlemen.  Most of the women of this generation are looking for a man who can take her to the alter with a coiled round metal ring.

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The question to ask yourself as a young man or young woman is that, does your marriage really depend on the engagement ring to survive?

Dr. Rev. Emmanuel Opoku Mensah , the Principal of an Adult Education Institute in his book, addressed the unecessity of a common ring in our marital affairs.

He attributed to the fact that, a ring is only a symbol of materialistic object and  it it is preventing a lot of youths to enter into marriage.

Men who can’t afford the cost of a wedding ring and it’s organized events are classified as irresponsible.

That must not be the case only if the two partners are in good talking terms and true love exists.

Relationships and it’s internal secretes and misunderstanding is normal. We break up to make up. Trust is the fundamental structure of an ideal Love and it pays for the awaken one to understand this fact.

A lot of women are wedded in a fake expensive wedding, only to come and  suffer starve in their marital homes.


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