Delay Not An Example For Young People To Emulate- Adu Saforwaa


Adu Saforwaa seems to be in a beef with Tv host and Entrepreneur Delay as she claims Delay is not worth celebrating.

Saforwaa claims there is not a single thing delay has been able to do that will benefit anyone apart from herself.

The Kumawood actress in an interview on Kingdom Fm monitored by, the actress pointed out that delay does not even have a studio after over a decade in the TV production business, hence, she is not good enough to be a role model for others.

Delay To Start Interviewing Politicians

Saforwaa added that her Tv show has no value as it’s always about people having beef and trending celebrities only.

Adu Saforwaa made a joke about her set up for the popular Tv show.

Adding to the list of allegations by the actress, she said the entrepreneur has no factory for her food products delay mackerel and spaghetti.

Watch the video below:

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