Delay To Start Interviewing Politicians


Deloris Frimpong Manso otherwise known as Delay has said she will begin talking with government officials on her most viewed TV program.

Delay who has been meeting generally entertainers on her Delay Show said these words following Serwaa Amihere’s new powerlessness to stand her grounds in a meeting with Asiedu Nketiah.

Many have chastised moderators and presumed that entertainment related presenters can’t direct noteworthy meetings with government officials who will in general play on their heart and outmaneuver them by tossing inquiries back to them.

Following that Delay, in a tweet, has guaranteed her fans that she will begin talking with government officials.


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She added that since her show is to a great extent directed in Akan language (Twi), she won’t utilize English in talking these government officials.

Maybe, Delay will need to demonstrate that she can stand the legislators and their cleverness.

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