Desperate Kenyan Woman Who Chased Potential Men Away Is Now Looking For A Husband, Promises To Pay The Dowry


A Kenyan woman who used to ignore men is now regretting her actions and is desperate to get hitched as soon as possible. She took to social media to search for her missing rib and promised to pay the dowry.

Ibrah One promises to feed 50 people in Tamale should in case Ghana goes on a second lockdown.

“A few years back I used to ignore men a lot. Now I am missing to have one of my own and get married, the problem is that when you pray to God, He has also changed nowadays. He gives you those who have already been taken.”

“Let’s leave sideshows, we will have a wedding in May and I will pay the dowry.” She wrote on Twitter.

– Her post sparked hilarious reactions from tweeps who wondered why she ignored potential ‘husband materials’ in the first place. To the single men out there, this is your chance.

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