Dicovery Teens Magazines Organises a Maiden Programme


On November 8, 2020, the Discovery Teens Magazines (DTM) had a rebirth by launching its second edition. The launch was to aid teens, parents and teachers during the difficult Covid-19 times. While projecting adolescent challenges and the recognised critical issues of growing.

The main aim and objective of the DTM is provide a reliable source of useful information that will educate and guide adolescents. This way, they can make informed decisions, taking into consideration, mordernity, technological advances, the effects of negative socio-cultural practices on adolescents. Hence, the use of a holistic method to facilitate and make adolescence outstanding.

This time around, DTM takes a bigger step in its operations and organises a programme that seeks to engage teenagers. The theme of this program was “Discovery Teen Chat”

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Mrs. Mercy Catherine Adjabeng, the Managing Editor of DTM, desires to address issues faced by teens such as the challenges they face through this teen chat, where the teens were expected to freely make inquires on matters that bother them throughout their daily life experiences.

The programme had issues of peer pressure adressed. Dr. Sampson Asala from Medifem Hospital, a guest speaker advised them that a solution to that problem was being surrounded by good friends and building self-confidence. He said that tge take-home lesson was fir these teens to recognise and understand their weakness, then finally overcome peer influence.

Mrs. Adjabeng was optimistic that the new magazine will serve its purpose and succeed at reshaping the manner in which adolescents think on issues that affect them. Eventually, they’ll be able to make informed choices.


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