Did You Know Efya’s Mother Was A Camera Woman ?

Efya And Mother

Efya’s Mother granted an interview for the special series for the mothers day on Adom Tv.

The mother of 3 gave breathtaking details of how hard work and dedication can take you.

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Speaking to the host, Nana Adwoa Awindor revealed that she was a camera woman for the former First lady.

She said it was before she became well known for the Tv and radio show programmes she held.

The hard-working mother said that at one point in time she was 8 months pregnant while still working as a camerawoman.

Her advice to young females who are in business is that it can be done.

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Efya’s mother added that, it is only if you are lazy that you can’t combine motherhood and work.

Awindor says if she can do it, other women can equally do same.

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