Did You Know The Top 5 Richest Companies In Ghana ?


Ghana’s economy in Africa is considered one of the good ones, and in this article, we unearth the companies that are helping out with significant revenues for the Country and hence the richest in Ghana.

Gold, Cocoa, Timber, and Petroleum are the biggest revenue generators for Ghana, and hence Ghana’s economy been the ninth most thriving in Africa.

MTN tops the least of the richest companies in Ghana, and the key factor contributing to this is the fact that they have a democratic system and huge prosperity in the west African market.

Here are the Top 5 Richest Companies in Ghana.

1.MTN Ghana (Scancom)          

MTN is the richest company in Ghana with more than 21 million subscribers to its network and counting. Because of its great number of users the company is able to get a steady flow of income with over 53% of the market share in Ghana only been matched by Vodafone and AirtelTigo respectively. MTN Accounts for over 8% of Ghana’s GDP. The introduction of mobile money services also boosted revenue sources for the company too.


2.Goil Ghana(GOIL)

Goil is among the top 5 richest companies in Ghana. A state owned petroleum Company with over 51% shares to the government and the remaining shares owned by contributors. The only successful state-owned company started in 14 June 1960. Goil has its revenue last checked at over $130 million and still growing. The company has over 300+ service stations in the country and counting. Its rapid marketing strategy allowed the company to increase its sales to over 8% in 2019.

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3.Produce Buying Company

Produce buying company is one of the richest companies not only in Ghana but in west Africa. The company made over $414 million in 2019. Buying high-quality cocoa beans, shea nuts and other cash crops is its main purpose. It is a state-owned company under the Ghana Cocoa Board.

4. Newmont Golden Ridge Ghana

Being one of the world’s biggest producers of Copper, Lead, and Zinc Newmont is one of the richest companies in Ghana. With mining areas in South America, North America, And Africa Newmont bost of one of the worlds leading stores of Gold. In early 2020 the company’s revenue was at over $700 million.

5.Tullow Ghana

Tullow is a multinational oil drilling and exploration company with stakes in Ghana, Kenya, and other oil-rich African countries. Tullow is an Irish company with head Quarters in Uk And Ireland. The company’s riches are credited to their key role in discovering oil-rich countries and drilling oils with good profits with states that own them.


This is the list we have for you, however, our list comes from information Gathered on the stock exchange of Ghana, so if a company isn’t here it doesn’t mean the company is not rich.

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