Disowned Female Barber, Full Story Will Shock You.


A Twenty-Two-year-old professional female barber Eugenia Acquah has recounted how she has been ejected and rejected by her parents and family because she chose to be a professional barber after completing Senior High School.

Eugenia Acquah who started her barbering work at SHS 2 in Kofiase Adventist Senior High Technical, ignored her parents’ wish for her to become a pilot or lawyer only to become a professional barber.

Speaking in an interview on Pure Morning Drive hosted by Kwame Adinkrah monitored by newsTodaygh.com, she reiterated that it was her long-held dream to become a professional barber when she was in school but her parents wanted a different profession for her

“I developed an interest in barbering work when I was in SHS 1. I got the opportunity to barber our school security in the school. There was a barbering shop in the school, so I went there one day and the security man was waiting for the barber to shave him but I confidently told him to allow me to do it for him and he gave me the opportunity. I did it perfectly for him and I realized I can do it” Eugenia recounted.

According to her, “I sometimes sneaked from classes and preps just to go to the barbering shop to shave my classmates, colleagues and the community members who come there to shave”.

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“I tried my possible best to convince my parents to push me to achieve my dream of becoming a professional barber but they told me to focus on education to become a lawyer or pilot. Though my parents decided not to support me to achieve my dream, I decided to help myself until I achieve my dream as a professional barber.

They ejected me from their house just to punish me for achieving my dream but I want to prove my parents wrong and make them proud of me” she said.

“Though I’m facing challenges, I will never be discouraged till I achieve my dream which I know I will surely get there through determination, hard work and prayers. I want to establish big barbering shops or any other business in Ghana and employ only females as workers to affirm ‘What Men can do a woman can do and do it better’. After achieving that dream then I will focus on my education”. She stressed.

Eugenia Acquah charged the youth especially ladies to remain focused on achieving their dreams despite challenges they may face.

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