DKB Sends Strong Message To A Media Lady For Hating Him For Over 9 Years


A media lady who has been bashing and discrediting DKB born Derrick Kwaku Boni For no reason has today received her first shot from the comedian cum Tv presenter.

The name of the lady in question is still a mystery as DKB has not disclosed that yet. He however promises to do so.

For over 9 years the said lady according DKB has been abusing him for not paying attention to her.

DKB did not leave out the fact that the lady in question is ugly and he would prefer to masturbate if she was the only girl on earth.

“Somebody save this for me, very soon, I’ll tell one media lady who has been insulting, discrediting and humiliating me deliberately for almost 9yrs now!

“When you are crushing on a guy but you know he’ll reject you for being ugly, you hate him for no reason,” he wrote on his Facebook page sighted by

DKB took the journalist to the gutters saying she is “disgusting” and that if she was the last woman on earth, he would masturbate to death.

“If she was the last woman on earth, I’ll masturbate to death cos she looks disgusting,” he fired.

He added, “Her hatred for me and her pot belly are the same, it will never go down.”

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