Do You Have Body Odour ? Do These Things To Get Rid Of It.


Body odour is that bad smell that emanates from one’s body even after a bath. Most people are very shy of matters concerning body odour, but today we will be sharing some secrets to help you overcome that smell.


#1. The Ears.

Many people bathe without considering the ear, no matter how small your ear maybe, use need to wash them properly. You don’t need to pour water inside your ear and wash with soap, please don’t. What you should do is to focus on the outer part of the ear and its sides, use a soft bathing cloth or sponge to wipe the outer part of the ear leading to the ear canal, you should clean the side of the ear and the back of the ear. When doing this take a look at the sponge or bathing cloth you will notice some dirt on it. You should do this twice a day or at least once a day. This prevents germs from breeding in the ear and also help in preventing ear problems.


#2. The Armpit

This part of the body usually has odour and breeds bacteria, because it is rarely exposed to air. You should also know that your armpit has active sweat glands which make them sweaty almost all the time. If you don’t know how to properly care for the armpit, keep reading to learn about it.

You should always trim or shave the hair in the armpit, don’t use a razor or harmful chemical to trim or shave the armpit. You should shave it with either shaving stick or scissors. You should always do it when you notice the hair in the armpit is growing abnormal. Leaving it may cause skin irritation and germs to multiply in it.

Learn to rub medicated spirit after shaving to kill and prevent germs from entering the body. You should scrub is not too hard with your sponge or bathing cloth and wash with soap and water, especially when bathing. This will help prevent body odour, remove dead body cells, skin diseases and also reduce dirtying your clothes.

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#3. The Fingers And Toes

some people don’t consider the fingers and toes when having their bathe. The parts of the body can store bacteria and germs for a long time. Putting your fingers in your mouth, nose and ear can cause serious infection or disease because of the germs in it. You should always wash your feet and fingers with soap and water, you should scrub in between the toes and fingers to wash off microorganisms. You should also cut long nails to remove germs stored under the nails.

#4. The Pubic Area

Just because other people don’t see this area does’ t mean you won’t wash and care for it.

Do you know that most body odour people experience comes out of the pubic area? There are things that are not right to do, things like wearing underwear for a long period of time and wearing dirty underwear. It can increase your body odour and cause you different skin diseases and infections, especially if you are a female.

For females when washing the pubic part, you are not advised to use antiseptic soap, body cream, perfumed or hard sponge and hard bathing cloth to wash your pubic part. This is because the vaginal area is very sensitive and could cause serious harm if not wash properly.

Avoid washing inside the vagina with soap, use fresh clean water to wash to avoid irritation and cell damage. When washing you should focus on the outer part of the vagina (Vaginal Lips, the clitoral hood and clitoris). You should wash from front to back, this means you should wash your vulva first before your anus. Doing this will help prevent germs and bacteria from the anus to enter the vagina which can cause serious infection or diseases.

For Males, you should also wash your pubic part very well, don’t use tough medicated soap, you should use mild soap when washing, you should also wash the penis and testicles, pull it back gently and wash underneath. If you don’t wash it this way, you notice some sticky smelling bacteria which causes serious skin infection and disease. It also makes the pubic hair to produce awful odour.

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