Don’t Vote For A Muslim As A President-Ibrah One Speaks


Ibrah one has been in the news lately for a number of reasons.

The self acclaimed prophet and one time millionaire has been revealing very serious information on his instastory.

There was earlier reports about how the Archbishop Nicholas Ducan Williams used his finger and one of his children for rituals.

He added that, Starting June 2021 The Head of Action Chapel International will begin having serious problems.

Meanwhile Nicholas Ducan Williams Has explained how he lost his fingers.

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In new reports we came across Ibrah One has cautioned Ghanaians Not to vote for a Muslim as a President.

According to Ibrah One Muslim President’s are not capable of running a country and don’t do well as politicians.

He further pointed out to how Nigerians are trying to let Buhari Go.

This is what he had to say;

” I’II advice Ghanaians not to vote for any Moslem to be president, Moslem politicians are worse than pandemic. Nigerians are trying to overthrow Buhari cos he’s the most useless president in the world.#Ibrahone

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He further added; Instead of Bawumia, let the monkeys govern the country; at least they have small brain”

Checkout the screenshot below;

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