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Driver of the Late J. Danquah’s name pop up in the murder case


The Lead Lawyer for Daniel Asiedu, the man who is standing trial for the murder of J.B Danquah Adu has accused the driver of the late Abuakwa North MP as the person who killed him. Mr Samuel Berko Sarkodie, a driver of the late MP is the first witness the state has called.

The focus of lawyer Yaw Danquah’s cross-examination is on the body stature of the late MP compared to the accused person. It is the case of defence counsel that the body size, weight and height of the late MP makes it impossible for Daniel Asiedu to overpower him. On the contrary, counsel put it to the witness that for somebody to enter the house in the manner the late MP was killed required somebody who knows the house very well.

Counsel suggested that the witness is instead a perfect fit to commit the crime looking at his body stature, heights and weight.

But, the witness disagreed. According to the witness, he dropped off the MP and left the premises to his House. He added that he only got to know that the MP had been after the help in the house called him after midnight when he had just gotten home.


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