Eating Ayilor could be harmful to your health



Ayilor , which is mined in the depths of the earth, contains chemical elements such as aluminium, arsenic, bouriun and nickel which have proved to be harmful to human health.

It is mostly mined in parts of the Volta Region, especially Anfoega, where the freshly mined clayey soil is moulded into lumps, oven-baked and distributed to markets across Ghana.

Sadly, it has become a balanced diet for most pregnant women in Ghana. Some have gotten so addicted to it so much even after child birth the addiction still lingers on

ayilor is mined from the depths of the earth, it sometimes contained eggs of worms and when eaten, these eggs hatch in the body. The worms then feed on the red blood cells.

pregnant women could become anaemic if they ate so much of the clay instead of nutritious food, saying the same could happen to girls who craved for it.

Some medical personnel , had noticed that some women who had been eating the clay during pregancy ended up with some complications, including having stillborn babies.

however, no research work had confirmed this observation.

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