Efia Odo Called Out For Misinforming The Public

Efia Odo
Efia Odo

Ghanaian social media influencer and model Efia Odo is been called out by Twitter fans for misinforming the public on issues relating to the #FixTheCountry protest.

Recall the conveners and protestors of the #FixTheCountry protest revealed their intentions of demonstrating on the streets of the nation’s capital Accra last Sunday, May 9th, 2021 but was blocked by the police after they obtained a restraining order from the Accra High Court.

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Later on Sunday, it was revealed by a couple of social media users including Citi television’s presenter Caleb Kudah that the police laid ambush at on the various roads leading to the Black Star Square where the protestors were to convene waiting for them but no one showed up for the event.

Efia Odo then took to her official Twitter page and posted about some policemen who were stuck and trying to push their car through a bad road they were traveling on alleging that it was some personnel from the Ghana Police Service who were deployed to prevent protestors from protesting.

A Twitter user who seems to have come across the image before dug out and revealed that the image used by the social media influencer alleging it’s from Ghana is actually false as the image was posted by a Ugandan about a year ago.

Dear Efia Odo, Now that you’ve been busted for stealing an image from UGANDA and portraying same as Ghana’s in your bid to make the government unpopular, kindly do the honorable thing by apologising unreservedly to Ghanaians .. Slay Queenism saaa ,now stealing images

Check out some of the comments from Ghanaians;

NYB2@NaBonsu2·14hReplying to @NanaAnsahObofou The purpose of fix the country campaign is not to make the ruling party unpopular. It is to draw their attention to their failed unrealistic promises they gave to gain power. Yes, they got it wrong with the pic, but it doesn’t devalue the legit concerns and cries of the youth.

Jonathan Cobby@CobbyJonathan·9hIf it’s not to make the government unpopular, why drag in the police service? You set up the police service for trolls,backlash and insults? I was for this movement but when I saw the political agenda behind it,I’ve withdrawn.

Tutuba Ecstasy@Kwame_Tutu10·15hBut she needs to eschew with the misinformation cause it beats the purpose of the agenda we are all fighting for. She needs to portray to have genuine concern about the state of the nation not to seem diabolic by misinforming the general public. It beats the agenda of the day.

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