Efia Odo Goes Hard On Police After Injuntion on #fixthecountry Demo

Efia Odo

Efia odo who is one of the few celebrities making their voice heard about #fixthecountry trends on social media has hit hard on Ghana Police for placing an injunction on #fixthecountry demo.

The high court issued a restraining Order against organizers of the demonstration until further notice.

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Justice Ruy Aryeetey who was the presiding judge at the court granted it.

The demonstration which was scheduled for Sunday 9th May can not come on again because of the restraining order from the high court.

This has made Efia Odo who is one of the passionate ambassadors of the #fixthecountry.

Efia Odo’s anger is with the Ghana Police Service for hindering Ghanaians from venting out their frustrations on how the Country is been managed.

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She added that the Ghana Police Service could not prevent mass gathering during the peak of covid-19 for election campaigns.

But will prevent Ghanaians from asking for the government to stir the country in the right direction.

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