Efia Odo Joins The Fix The Country Trend

Efia Odo
Efia Odo

Ghanaian Socialite has waded into the trending #FixTheCountry after many citizens are worried about dumsor and other basic amenities Ghanaians are missing.

Efia in her own words believe that our leaders see what is going wrong in the country but don’t give a fuck.
She added that, the politicians use us to get their votes and throw us away like used condoms.

Efia called on other celebrities and bloggers to hold the touch and push the agender for their fans and the ordinary Ghanaian who suffering in these hard times.

She quizzed why people are quiet over this important issue.

Efia added that school children who are supposed to be the future are drinking unclean water.

Others are writing their exams on the bare floor without furniture.

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Odo added that this might just be a hashtag for the president, but Ghanaians aren’t going to stop until the change He promised is seen.

Screenshot below;

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