Fanciful coffin designs used during funerals in Ghana


Most individuals often do not find delight in the purchase of coffins while alive. There is a myth once you show delight in a style of a particular coffin, then one death is due.  But if I may ask, what would be your reaction when your best friend buys you a coffin on your birthday?

During funerals, many families spend excessive amounts on coffins, not just any coffin but “SPECIAL” ones. Because bereaved individuals often have the belief and feeling it is the best way to pay their last respect to the deceased.

Coffin Makers Admit There Are Not Happy When People Die But They Always Pray For Good Business

These special coffins were crafted by highly skilled carpenters like  Ataa Oko and Seth Kane in the ’50s and in recent times we have the fantastic sculptures, Abundant Grace, among others. Freakish coffins are carved in various shapes like pencils, chairs, books, bibles, fish, drums, cars, shoes, totems depending on deceased occupation and social status.

It is believed that once someone dies, he or she moves to another life to continue with their earthly duties and due to this,  dead persons are buried with a  coffin which symbolizes his or their profession and others.

Freakish coffins are quite expensive, paid by wealthier members of the family, and only seen when the deceased is laid in a state or buried to avoid any damages.

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