Finally, Al Jazeera journalist, Mahmoud Hussein Released .



Reports has it that, Mahmoud Hussein who is an Egyptian national working for Al Jazeera Arabic television channel in Qatar, has been arrested on December 20, 2016, while he was on a personal visit to see his family.

After a period of more than four years in detention on accusations of publishing false news the Al Jazeera journalist, Mahmoud Hussein has currently been released.

Mahmoud Hussein has been held under preventive detention since December 2016 and has just been released from jail.

Repeatedly Al Jazeera mentioned that Hussein was being held without formal charges, a conviction or trial. His release wasn’t immediately confirmed.

The head of the Arab Network for Human Rights Information,Gamal Eid made it known that it was decided by the authorities to have Hussein released. It was added that however “he has still not returned home”.

A non-governmental organisation, the Egyptian Observatory for Journalism and Media, on its Facebook page said that a Cairo criminal court had decided to free Hussein.

The human rights watchdog Amnesty International among others have been calling for his release after a Cairo prosecutor in May 2019 ordered he be freed from jail.

But unfortunately, a week later Egypt’s Supreme State Security Prosecution (SSSP)accused him of another set of charges and re-ordered his detention.

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  1. Wooww we thank God for all the people that fought had for this man’s release may Allah grant them mercies and strength to continue to fight for the freedom of others


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